Smart Home


In the past, it was only the larger homes that had home automation. The hassle of having to walk to each room just to turn off a light switch was/is difficult, especially if you're already in bed or leaving the house. Now days, smart home technology is becoming very popular to even the smaller homes due the efficiency in utility expenses, ease of use, and mere practicality. Never before have so many homeowners taken a closer look at what is available to them. From a single iPhone, remote controller, touchpanel, or keypad... you can command your home to do a number of really cool things such as; Lock my doors and turn off all the lights when I walk out the door, or even better... sense when I walk in and turn them on automatically.; Turn on my television, dvd player and surround sound receiver with one button press, and sync them all together so I only need to take a seat and enjoy my movie.: Set my thermostat to 75 at certain times of the day, and 70 when I'm home... all automatically.; While I'm downstairs making breakfast, wake my kids up at exactly 6:00 am with soft music of my choice playing in their room.

These are but a few scenarios that can be accomplished with a home control system.