Home theater Design


Our home theater design talents are derived from original concepts produced here at Cinemations Home Theaters. We take great pleasure in constructing home theaters that are tailor-made for our client, which always comes from paying close attention to exactly what they tell us they like. Once we understand what the client wants, we begin the home theater design process and continue tweaking it until final approval has been given by our clients.  Production follows immediately.

Cinemations Home Theaters offers first-class fabrication of every home theater design we deliver. We have a team of expert craftsmen in Florida that do nothing but build custom home theaters. From high-end to ultra high-end, we are perfectly capable of producing a home theater design that meets your needs, desires, and budget. We've been featured in many magazines, books, radio & television programs, and are considered among the very best in our industry. Our value-oriented pricing enables us to offer you a product that is reasonable in price, but offering major "bang for your buck" when compared to other leading home theater manufacturing companies. We don't claim to be "cheap", but guarantee more value per dollar spent than any competitor in America.


  • • Home Theater Design Architecture
  • • Build-Outs & Engineering
  • • Novelty Product Manufacturing
  • • Cinema Signage
  • • Audio/Video/Control
  • • Customized Seating Applications
  • • Automation and Theater Design Installation
  • • Computer Graphics & 3D Renderings
  • • House-wide Music and Television
  • • Lighting control
  • • iPhone Home Integration
  • • Pool, HVAC, Security Cameras

Our Products

  • • Home Theater Acoustical Panels
  • • Draperies & Upholstery
  • • Seating & Furniture
  • • Box Offices, Game Rooms, Media Rooms
  • • Illuminated Signage & Marquees
  • • Digital Audio-Presentation Attractions
  • • Woodworking, Trim Carpentry, Spray Finish